Evangelist mosaic commission - Mark represented as a lion

Ecclesiastical mosaic commission in Harrogate begins tomorrow

Really excited about beginning my next mosaic commission with Woodlands Methodist Church in Harrogate tomorrow, where we will begin the first of four-day mosaic workshops with members of the congregation and local community groups - from pre-schoolers to the elderly.

We will be creating four floor mosaics for the church garden featuring the evangelists, much in the tradition of the Byzantines - complete with gold smalti. We will be using the indirect method where the mosaics will first be created in reverse on brown paper before applying to 40cm sq paving slabs.

If you would like to discuss a taught school session, mosaic workshop or community art project please send an email or call 07929 884759.

Sue Kershaw
Mosaic Artist (York, North Yorkshire, UK)

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